Hiring A Limo Can Enhance Memorable Events

When most people think of a renting a limo, they either think of a wedding or prom. But these events are not the only occasions that may benefit from limousine rental from a company like Status Limousine Corp. Keep reading to find out other reasons you may consider renting a limo.

Milestones and Achievements

Milestones and achievements like graduating from high school, celebrating an anniversary, or turning 21 are reasons that many people rent limousines. A limo can turn these types of milestones into memorable events.

Party Buses

Are you heading out for a night on the town with friends? Some companies have smaller buses, known as party buses. As the name implies, these are ideal for a night out with a large group of friends. They work great for a trip to the casino or for a winery tour.

Airport Service

Limos are also great for transporting large parties to and from the airport. If you are hosting a family reunion or expecting a lot of guests for a wedding, hiring a limo is the ideal way to get everyone where they need to be in style. Limos provide plenty of rooms for luggage and they make your guests feel welcome.

Hiring a Service

As with any service, you should always check out a company before you decide to hire them. The biggest question is always about cost. Ask how much they charge by the hour and if there is a minimum amount of time you have to agree to use the limo. You also need to make sure they have a vehicle available for your date. Ask to see the vehicles so you can best determine which style suits the occasion. Inspect the interior of the car as well as the outside. Look for general cleanliness and that there are no tears in any of the fabrics.

Remember to inquire about safety records, too. Ultimately, when you hire a company like Status Limousine Corp., you are putting your safety in the hands of the driver. It is important that you feel comfortable with the company you hire to drive you and your guests around town.

Limousine Party Bus: Things You Need To Know

Being in a limousine party bus is one of the best rides you can experience in life. You can travel for days, weeks, and even months inside this bus. Or you may enjoy your parties by getting a full trip in the city. There are actually a lot of things you can do in the limousine bus; however, you need to know a few things first so you can be guided on the rental process.

What Is A Limousine Bus And What Should It Be Used For?

There are several types of limousine buses that are available for rental services. Exotic, antique, party, L series, and standard bus limousines are ready for your use. Most individuals rent these limousines for parties, a trip out of town, weddings, drop offs, personalized trips, bachelor parties, prom nights, city tours, and bar hopping activities. There are actually several related activities you can do inside the bus; and you’re sure to have fun in this kind of experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Limousine Bus Rentals?

The first main advantage of a bus is that you can transfer freely from one place to another. If you find one place boring, you can always easily visit a new place. You also do not have to worry about driving issues since an experienced chauffeur is with you. Safety issues are also addressed in these party bus rides.

Limousine buses also have several features inside it. There are CD players, car stereos, plush seats, laser lights, restrooms, and even luggage partitions. Parties are greatly celebrated in this type of vehicle because of the many available amenities a group can enjoy. It saves a person from the headache of planning a party and saves much of your time and effort too.

Is A Party Bus Always Available?

A limousine party bus is always available depending on the time you made the reservation. They aren’t usually available during the peak seasons because many have made their reservations already. That is why, you always have to book in advance so you wouldn’t have to worry about your parties. Limousine bus rides are also available for hourly, daily, or even weekly rentals. Of course, the price varies depending on the time you need it and on the occasion that you’re planning to use it.

How Do You Avoid Problems In The Rental Services?

There are actually a gazillion ways to avoid problems in bus rentals. By making reservations months before the event, you can be guaranteed of a good limousine ride. You also have to make follow-up calls on your reservation to make sure that you have your own limousine bus ride for a certain event.

Soirée Bus: The Party Bus

Nowadays, travelling to your night out in style is not all that uncommon. Limousine and bus rentals are affordable to large groups, meaning even unlikely customers (such as teenagers) can be seen whizzing around major cities in this sort of luxury ride. Paris, however, has taken this to the next level by not only renting buses to take people to clubs, but making the bus itself the club!

These types of mobile discos, which you may spot when travelling from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris in the evening, are known as ‘soirée bus’, which roughly translates as the ‘night-out bus’. They are, as the name indicates, converted buses, with strobe lights and disco balls installed, as well as a DJ table. They function just like regular night-clubs, with the added detail that, if standing up, you have to hang on to the guard rail – yes, the bus is moving the entire time, and drunker partiers may find themselves on the floor if they are not careful!

Inside the bus, a partygoer may find all the amenities a nightclub would offer, such as toilets, cloakrooms, central heating, plasma screens, a DJ booth and, of course, a bar. There are even bouncers at the door as the people come in! The space itself is tastefully decorated (in a mixture of venge wood and stainless steel), fits up to 60 people and contains 23 seats, making it well suited to medium-sized private parties. It is not, however, likely to be used as a weekly night haunt, since most of the party crowd will be hard-pressed to come up with the nearly €1000 a booking on the Party Bus demands.

If you are thinking of booking a party on one of these buses, but are somewhat self-conscious, be warned: just as you will be able to see the partygoers dancing if you cross one of these buses on your way from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris, so too will other people be able to see you and your friends during your party! So if you do end up hosting one of these mobile parties, also make sure to be on your toes and make sure nobody does anything out of line or embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Party Buses are only available for private hire, and do not double as shuttles. Can you imagine a more amazing way to undergo your commute from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris?

Comparing Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Did you know that Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon bus tour capital of the U.S.? That’s right. Sin City, located just 120 miles from the West Rim, runs coach trips to the canyon every day of the year. I put the best packages side-by-side. Take a look. I’m confident by the end of this article you’ll find the tour that best meets your needs.

The Rims

First thing to figure out is which rim you want to visit. There are two: The West Rim and the South Rim. The West Rim is closest. Buses take 2.5 hours to get there from Vegas. The South Rim is 270 miles away and requires a 5.5-hour drive. Most West Rim tours have you back by early evening. South Rim trips get you back to the hotel around 9 p.m.

Adventure or Nature?

The West Rim is famous for things to do. First and foremost, it’s the only place where helicopters are permitted to fly to the bottom of the canyon. You can also take a Colorado River boat ride. Lastly, there’s the Skywalk, the internationally famous glass bridge that lets you strut 70 feet past the edge.

The South Rim is referred to as the “official” National Park. The most famous pictures of the canyon were taken here. The Park is also renowned for its incredible lookouts, like Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and Yaki Point. There’s also Grand Canyon Village, the commercial hub of the South Rim, and numerous hiking trails that let you go below the edge.

The Route

West Rim and South Rim bus tours follow the same route and start by skirting the edge of Lake Mead before cutting south over the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Nearly all tours double back for a Hoover Dam photo stop on the Arizona side of the Dam.

West Rim travelers will turn off at Diamond Bar Road for Grand Canyon West. A rough gravel road defines this stretch. Deluxe tour buses can handle it no problem. If self-driving, please, rent an SUV.

South Rim passengers will stick to the main highway to Kingman, AZ, take a break, then hop back on the bus and head to Williams, AZ, before bearing north and making the final run to the Park.

Kinds of Tours

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s available:

West Rim

Bus Tour. Takes you to Grand Canyon West. Up to 2.5 hours on the rim.
Bus w/ Skywalk. Best deal. Includes passes to the Glass Bridge and lunch.
Bus, Helicopter & Boat. The flight is phenomenal, and there’s nothing quite like a pontoon-boat ride on the legendary Colorado.

South Rim

Bus Tour. Guided South Rim tour. Includes several key lookouts. Lunch. Grand Canyon Village. Up to 3 hours of rim time.
Bus & Helicopter. Start with spectacular 30-minute, rim-to-rim flight, then wrap with 2.5-hour ground tour.

When to Book

Not at the last minute. Bus tours are a smash hit with groups and seats fill fast. Make sure you claim your spot. Book no less than 3 days prior to departure. If you can get a week between you and “go” time, do it.

Shop Online

Purchase bus tours online. It’s quick, easy and will save you a few bucks. Take your time when completing the order form, and make sure to properly identify all people in your party. Hit the “submit” button then check your in-box for your confirmation letter.

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San Francisco Party Bus Journey

Having the opportunity to travel to San Francisco you can enjoy the culture and a lot of what makes the city a historical destination. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the famous Cable Car System you can really take advantage of a lot of the different destinations that make the city a great place to enjoy. If you get the chance to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge you can take a picture of the Famous Fog that covers into the city. Being one of the top tourist destinations in the United States you get the chance to really travel in the city and enjoy the scenery.

You can make your trip into the city one that you can enjoy for a long time as you make your way to a popular tourist destination such as Pier 39 where you have a popular shopping center and tourist attraction. You can take in some culture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Muir Woods National Monument, The Fillmore and the Ferry Building where you can take a tour through the San Francisco Bay. You can really experience what the city has to offer with one of the many different destinations available. If you are sports fanatic you want to take the opportunity to checking out the professional teams that reside in the city. Enjoy a baseball game at AT&T Park which is the home of the MLB San Francisco Giants whose home is right off the city Bay. If you enjoy football you can enjoy a trip to Candlestick Park and check out the San Francisco 49ers. There are plenty of options when it comes to deciding on what type of event you would like to attend.

With a trip to this California city you really get the chance to enjoy the culture and historical destinations that make it a great location to enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoy a family vacation at any of these venues and make it a memorable vacation. With the hilltop roads you want to make sure you are not rolling like a boulder through the city. Having the opportunity to travel to this city can be an enjoyable vacation for all who travel there. You can find yourself wanting to stay. Our party bus in San Francisco can help provide the transportation service you need. Being able to get through the city is important and knowing that having a professional company that can get you anywhere around the Bay Area is key. Enjoy your visit, you will be amazed by how entertaining it is to travel from one part of San Francisco to the next. From a family vacation to anniversary you will be able to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Enjoy the city with a lot of historical significance and travel with your family on a great journey in a beautiful city.

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Kids’ party bus hits the road

Kids’ party bus hits the road
Toys R Us is bringing kids in Durban its first ever kids’ party bus. Enclosed within a London-style double decker bus is a complete soft play facility with slides, ball pools, climbing nets, a maze and, of course, lots of toys to play with. The Toys R Us Kids Party Bus is a mobile venue for children’s birthday parties and functions for children aged 2 – 8 . Decorated both inside and out, this specially converted and modified bus can park outside your home or nearby, in a park, outside schools – in almost any location as long as there is adequate room. The party bus also offers a jumping castle and face painter. For more, go to www.kidspartybus.co.za.

SA’s bands tour with Nokia Comes with Music Party Bus

Nokia is launching, this festive, the Nokia Comes with Music Party Bus. Beach-goers down South Africa’s South Coast will be serenaded by some of South Africa’s hottest bands on tour with the Nokia Comes with Music road show. The tour will kick off in Umdloti, Durban on 9 December 2009.
SA’s bands tour with Nokia Comes with Music Party BusThe Nokia Comes with Music Party bus, which will be making stops at beaches and shopping malls throughout the season, will showcase live performances from some of South Africa’s top bands which include Ashtray Electric, Taxi Violence, Mix n Blend, Straatligkinders, aKing and Loyiso.

Sarah Crowe, head of marketing for Nokia South Africa says that the bus is just another way in which Nokia is showing its support of local talent. “Nokia has exercised support for the local industry throughout 2009 with the launch of the Nokia Music Store and then the Comes with Music service. The Comes with Music party bus is a great way to end off the year and we look forward to giving fans a chance to see their favourite artists perform live over the festive season.”

As part of the tour, Nokia will be handing out free Nokia Music Store vouchers giving fans access to tracks from their favourite performers. Tracks to be included are ‘The Dance’ by aKing, ‘Quite Overstared’ by Ashtray Electric and ‘Shall We Swing (feat, Fletcher)’ by Mix n Blend.

The tracks will be given away at each performance of specific bands per day. You can hear previews of these tracks from Nokia Music Store’s latest Podcast Episode at http://www.zoopy.com/audio/2fiy/nokia-music-store-podcast-episode-3?brow

The Nokia Comes with Music Party Bus starts its tour in Durban following which it will travel to Margate, Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town.

Tour route:

9th December – Umdloti, Durban: 11h00 Ashtray Electric and 15h00 Taxi Violence
10th December – Westbrook Beach, Durban: 11h00 Taxi Violence and 15h00 Ashtray Electric
11th December – Anstey Beach, Durban: 11h00 Ashtray Electric and 15h00 Taxi Violence
12th December – Amanzimtoti, Durban: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 Straatligkinders
13th December – Amanzimtoti, Durban: 11h00 Straatligkinders and 15h00 Mix n Blend:DJ
14th December – Margate Beach, Margate: 11h00 Ashtray Electric and 15h00 Taxi Violence
15th December – Margate Beach, Margate: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 Straatligkinders
17th December – Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 Straatligkinders
18th December – Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth: 11h00 Straatligkinders and 15h00 Mix n Blend:DJ
19th December – King’s Beach, Port Elizabeth: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 Straatligkinders
21st December – Beacon Isle Beach, Plettenberg Bay: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 AKing
23rd December – Ratanga Junction, Cape Town: 11h00 Mix n Blend:DJ and 15h00 Straatligkinders
24th December – Cape Gate Centre, Cape Town: 11h00 Taxi Violence and 15h00 Mix n Blend:Band
26th December – Ratanga Junction, Cape Town: 11h00 Mix n Blend:Band and 15h00 Taxi Violence
27th December – Somerset Mall, Cape Town: 11h00 Taxi Violence and 15h00 Mix n Blend:Band
28th December – Blue Route Mall, Cape Town: 11h00 Ashtray Electric and 15h00 Mix n Blend: Band
29th December – V&A Waterfront, Cape Town: 11h00 Mix n Blend: Band and 15h00 Ashtray Electric
30th December – V&A Waterfront, Cape Town: 11h00 Ashtray Electric and 15h00 Mix n Blend: Band
31st December – V&A Waterfront, Cape Town: 11h00 Mix n Blend: Band and Loyiso

Jo’burg’s party bus starts testing routes

Organisers of Johannesburg’s Night Bus – a fixed-route transport network touted as a “bar-hopper’s dream” – on Tuesday (25 June) revealed the first two stops it will make on its party route.
Nelson Mandela Square (Image: Wiki Images)
Nelson Mandela Square (Image: Wiki Images)
The service is scheduled to be launched in September and will charge R30 for an unlimited night pass. Tests for the service began last weekend.

The Night Bus is the brainchild of four friends, Jade Mann, Mikail Solomon, Clayton Mott and Daniel Harris.

All four are committed party animals and want fellow revellers to be able to hop between popular nightlife districts such as Greenside, Melville, Sandton and Newtown without the hassle and dangers of driving.

The first stop was announced as 24 Central, on Fredman Drive, Sandton.

The stop will put party-goers in the vicinity of nightclubs such as Icon, Taboo, Cocoon and The VIP Room, as well as restaurants such as News Café, The Baron, Allora and The Maslow Hotel.

The second stop is Illovo Junction, on Corlett Drive, outside Wolves Café and The Griffin.

Prevent drinking and driving

The plan is to have shuttles running every 20 minutes with the first bus departing at 7pm and the final bus rounding up stragglers at 4am.

The aim is to prevent people from drinking and driving.

Solomon tried to dispel fears that the service would encourage alcohol abuse. “We will not be selling liquor on the bus, nor will we allow customers to bring liquor onto the bus. It has to do with regulations, and the need to maintain decorum on the bus and keep things safe,” he said.

Each shuttle will carry 24 passengers and a security officer.

“We don’t promote [alcohol abuse] but we are trying to promote safety and good behaviour when going out, so we hope this will be a safer option,” he added.

Mann said the four friends developed the scheme because they and many others wanted to visit venues at night without having to drive after a few drinks and run the gauntlet of being accused of driving under the influence by police.

“We do a good amount of partying ourselves so we have our ears to the ground about where everybody is partying and we know all the popular spots,” said Solomon.

So far, the Night Bus service has over 600o fans on its Facebook page.

The fans have suggested other drop-off points, including the Maboneng precinct on the east side of the city’s central business district, Truth nightclub in Midrand, and Xai Xai Lounge in Melville.

Yosemite National Park: A Camping Guide

Yosemite National Park – a priceless natural beauty of sculpted granite mountains, glacier-carved valleys, rushing streams, shimmering lakes and tumbling waterfalls.

The magnificent Yosemite vacation site is located in the central Sierra Nevada of California about 150 miles east of San Francisco. Yosemite Park’s 750,000 acres, 1,200 square miles contain thousands of lakes and ponds, 1,600 miles of streams and creeks, 800 miles of hiking trails and 350 miles of roads. Two picturesque rivers, the Tuolumne and the Merced, flow westward from the Yosemite into the Central Valley of California.

Yosemite National Park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours each day. Upon payment of an entrance fee, visitors are permitted to drive in and through Yosemite Valley without any requirement for reservations. There are five main entrances to the Park:

1. The South Entrance – Highway 41 North from Fresno.
2. Arch Rock Entrance – Highway 140 West from Merced.
3. Big Oak Flat Entrance – Highway 120 West from Modesto and Manteca.
4. Tioga Pass Entrance – Highway 120 East from Lee Vining and Highway 395.
5. Hetch Hetchy Entrance – Hetch Hetchy Road from Evergreen Road
west of the Big Oak Flat Entrance.
Current road conditions should be checked prior to travelling and visitors are advised that chains may be required anytime from October through April. Public transportation to the national park is also available. Check commercial airlines, bus and train services for schedules.

It is possible to enjoy a short Yosemite vacation of two to three days touring some of the Valley’s main scenic attractions by automobile or shuttle bus. But to really experience this magnificent natural sanctuary, visitors should take full advantage of Yosemite camping and lodging facilities. Visitors can choose three basic types of accommodation – a concession-operated Yosemite lodging facility, a Yosemite national campground , or wilderness camping.

DNC Parks and Resorts operate Yosemite lodging facilities under contract with the National Park Service. These Park lodging facilities range from simple tent cabins to luxury rooms in The Ahwahnee to the High Sierra Camps. For online reservations for Yosemite park lodging, prices and descriptions, check out the DNC Web site. Reservations are available 366 days in advance and are recommended for the peak summer Yosemite vacation months.

Yosemite National Park camping , either by RV or tenting, is by far the most popular way to experience the remarkable beauty and scenic variety of this world heritage site. Yosemite Park has 13 campgrounds of which seven are on a reservation-only system. Yosemite campground reservations are absolutely essential during the busiest season from April through September.

However, the growing demand for Yosemite campgrounds means that even the campgrounds on a first-come, first-served basis are already filled as early as noon from May through September. Visitors are advised that there is a limit to the size of recreational vehicles and/or trailers permitted on Yosemite campgrounds. The maximum length is 40 feet. This information should be confirmed when making Yosemite camping reservations. Sites are rented on a per person” basis up to a maximum of six persons per campsite, regardless of the number of people in your party.

The following Yosemite campgrounds require reservations:
Upper Pines: Open all year.
Lower Pines: Open from March to October.
North Pines: Open from April to September.
Wawona: Open all year. Reservations required May through September.
Hodgdon Meadow: Open all year. Reservations required May through September.
Crane Flat: Open June to September.
Tuolumne Meadows: Open July to September. This is the only Yosemite campground where reservations are required for only 50 percent of its campsites. Tuolumne Meadows also has 25 walk-in sites available for backpackers and other visitors without vehicles.
Six Yosemite campgrounds are on a first-come, first-saved basis and do not require reservations. Visitors should be advised that these campgrounds are usually filled by noon of each day during the peak summer months.
Camp 4: Open all year.
Tamarack Flat: Open from June until early September
Bridalveil Creek: Open from July to early September.
White Wolf, Yosemite Creek: Open from July to early September.
Porcupine Flat: Open from July to early September.

Yosemite campground reservations are available in blocks for up to a maximum time of one month per calendar year, and must be made as early as five months in advance on the 15th of each month through the National Park Reservation System (NPRS). Camping fees may change from year to year. It should be noted that the majority of Yosemite campground reservations are filled by noon hour on the designated reservation dates.

Very occasionally, cancellations might still make it possible to obtain a reserved campsite. Visitors are advised to check the first-come, first-served Yosemite campgrounds. However, during the month of May these camping sites are generally difficult to obtain. If crowded conditions would mean an uncomfortable camping Yosemite experience, visitors are cautioned that Memorial Day weekend is the most popular Yosemite vacation weekend of the year.

Online reservations can made through http://reservations.nps.gov/ from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Yosemite campground reservations may be made by telephone: 800-436-7275 within in the United States; 301-722-1257 outside the United States; 888-530-9796 for TDD users. Alternatively, requests can be made by letter to NPRS, P.O. Box 1600. Cumberland, MD 21502.
Since written requests for reserved Yosemite campgrounds are not processed until the fifteenth of each month, the same day telephone and online requests are also being processed; the following information should be included:
name of the Yosemite campground
camping equipment to be used (RV, tent, etc.)
method of payment.

Be advised that written requests for Yosemite camping reservations must be made so that they are received no sooner than two weeks prior to the fifteenth of each month. It is important to note that this is the reservation date, not your planned arrival date.

For example, if you would like to camp anytime from June 15 to July 14, the first day to make Yosemite campground reservations is February 15. If you plan to camp anytime from July 15 to August 14, the first day to make reservations is March 15, and so on. In other words, if you plan a Yosemite vacation and wish to stay in one of the Yosemite campgrounds, reservations can only be made on the 15 of each calendar month, five months in advance of your planned arrival date.

When is the best time for a Yosemite vacation? Is weather an important factor for you? Do you prefer a quieter vacation experience? Which areas of Yosemite National Park do you wish to see?

The summer season (June through September) is the peak Yosemite vacation period. Some of the more popular places to visit include the large, open sub-alpine Tuolumne Meadows along the winding Tuolumne River, the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, the breath-taking outlook at Glacier Point and the Half-Dome, and the silvery mists of Bridalveil Fall. The Yosemite Valley offers endless opportunities to explore its world-renowned spectacular waterfalls, granite cliffs, and unusual rock formations. Hetch Hetchy, the lesser-known twin to Yosemite Valley, is home to equally magnificent scenery, as well as the starting point for many of the less-used wilderness trails.

The fall season (October and November) has fewer visitors, but still permits access to large areas of the park during the month of October, and sometimes into November. Since most of the trees in Yosemite are evergreens, the park is not known for its spectacular fall colors. However, if the weather remains seasonable, a Yosemite vacation still presents ample opportunity to explore the Park’s exquisite scenery at greater leisure. Short-term closures may occur because of weather conditions although Yosemite Valley and Wawona remain open all year.

The winter season (December through March) is a Yosemite vacation opportunity for those who enjoy skiing and solitude. While Yosemite Valley and Wawona remain accessible year-round, the Tioga Road and roads between Crane Flat and Tioga Pass, including the Tuolumne Meadows are closed. From mid-December through early April, the Glacier Point/Badger Pass Road is plowed to permit access to the popular downhill and cross-country skiing areas.

The spring season (April and May) is the best time to view the park’s spectacular waterfalls. As warmer weather begins to melt the snow, creeks and streams are rushing with water, and many unnamed waterfalls and cascades can be seen all along the rim of Yosemite Valley. Roads closed during the winter season remain inaccessible.

About 95 percent of Yosemite National Park was designated as wilderness in 1984. Wilderness camping is a viable alternative Yosemite vacation. Camping permits are required year-round for all overnight trips into the park’s wilderness country. However, unlike other Yosemite campgrounds and lodging facilities, these wilderness camping permits are free. For those who prefer to spend a Yosemite vacation day-hiking along some of the park’s 800 miles of trails (without an overnight stay), no permits are needed. A trailhead quota system limits the number of hikers beginning from each trailhead per day.

New information is available and updated regularly on the park’s Web site at www.nps.gov/yose. For more detailed information about different areas of the park, consult the Yosemite Guide newspaper. For schedules of current activities, facilities, fees and services check Yosemite Today. Both publications are free and can be obtained at the park’s entrance stations, at visitor centers, and are also posted on the park’s Web site.

San Diego School Bus

Taking a bus tour of the Grand Canyon is the least expensive way to tour the national park, but it is still an awesome experience. They’re also more convenient than driving your own vehicle or a rental car to this magnificent natural wonder. In every way, choosing a bus tour of the canyon just makes good sense.

If you are leaving from Vegas, you can easily find great motor coach tours for a reasonable price. All of the bus tours are pretty much alike. The buses used are modern tour motor coaches that are very comfy and they are driven by friendly and knowledgeable drivers who can answer your questions about the region. In addition, you will enjoy a nice lunch and free shuttle service from the bus stop to your hotel on the Vegas Strip.

You can choose to take a bus tour to the West Rim or South Rim. The West Rim is actually part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. From Las Vegas, it is about a 2-hour drive. The South Rim is about twice the distance. Many travelers think of the South Rim as the real Grand Canyon.

It is difficult to decide which rim is considered the best. The answer depends on your circumstances and the type of experience you want. When it comes down to it, though, I usually suggest the South Rim to people who are mostly interested in the canyon’s natural beauty. A West Rim tour is ideal if you don’t have time to go all the way to the South Rim, or if you want to be more adventurous. The base prices of the two types of tours are basically the same. Just remember that the price will go up if you add any side trips or other extras to your tour package.

You should book your bus tour to the Grand Canyon far in advance. Booking early is how you get great discounts. If you plan to take your trip during the peak season, or summer months, then you should book your tour during the off-season. Your tickets will be less expensive then. If you want a West Rim package that includes a chopper flight to the canyon floor, book in advance to make sure your travel party can all fly together (remember, though, that copters can only hold six people).

Always buy your tickets directly from the tour operator. You’ll spend a lot more for your bus tour if you buy your tickets at a street kiosk or through a travel agent or hotel concierge. They charge more because they need to make a profit on selling the tickets.

Because Las Vegas has so many tour operators, you’ll need to do some extensive research in order to find the best prices and Grand Canyon bus discounts. Just use the internet and it will be easy, plus you will find internet discounts to take advantage of too. Take your time so you get the ultimate trip at the best price.

You should go ahead and book your tour online too. By comparing the prices online, you can easily find the best one for your budget. Plus, when you visit the tour operators’ websites, you can see all the seasonal discounts and internet specials. The lowest prices are usually the internet specials. Just make sure you complete the entire transaction online, or you’ll lose the special Internet discount.

Tour operators are dedicated to making your canyon bus tour a spectacular experience. They pretty much have to provide awesome tours or they would go out of business quickly since there is so much competition. You don’t want to run out of money during your vacation, so don’t book a Grand Canyon tour that’s beyond your budget. Enjoying yourself while you’re visiting the magnificent Grand Canyon is the important thing.